In 2015, a mysterious video appeared , with subliminal messages. According to some theories, this video predicted the terrorist attacks in Paris, France , and even has supposed images of horrendous crimes. What if it’s true? To begin, we will explain to you how all this controversy arose. In 2015, a video was sent to, a Swedish technology blog. The blog received the video, on a CD, and released it on the internet . Its title was 11B X 1371

At first, Johny Krahbichler, the blog’s founding editor, thought it was software, which someone had sent it, to review. On the CD, a long alphanumeric sequence was written, something he found strange. When Johny placed the CD on his computer , he came across the video. The content of that video was something scary . It all starts with a person wearing the famous outfit, worn by doctors during the Black Death. This person walks in an abandoned building, with a forest in the background. Check with us all this bizarre

The 11B X 1371 video

The soundtrack to the video is scary. It is practically a distorted hum, which even made us uncomfortable. Two minutes long, the video didn’t even have credits, or even claims of authorship. The beginning of the video is filled with flickering images, with the person between two openings, the size of windows, in a brick wall. The images accompany the distorted buzzing and, out of nowhere, the person raises his hand, signaling the number three. Subsequently, one, and then two. The funny thing is that the order is random, not decreasing.

The figure remains in the shadow, with an insert showing the covered arms, as the camera moves away and slowly moves to the right. Then, the individual raises his right hand, with the palm facing the camera, at shoulder height, to reveal a flashing light in the center of his hand. Then, beep sounds, in coordination, with the blink of the hand. The figure turns and starts looking at his hand, then looks at the camera again. These movements are repeated over and over again in the video. As the sound leaves the viewer confused, some images pass quickly. They are frames with distorted images that, for many people, want to say something.

Perception of codes

After watching the video a few times, Johny began to notice several ‘codes’ and the letters hidden throughout the video. Later, after trying to decode the codes, he gave up and posted, on the video, on his blog, placing it complete, with images of the disc and the envelope. A few days later, many websites published Johny’s story. But it was users of social networks, who found very strange things. An inscription was found, encoded, in the disc menu, as “11B-X-1371”, which gave the video its name. Another user created a spectrogram of the sound, and found hidden text and images. The first had a text, saying “You are already dead”.

The images show women being maimed and tortured. Early fears that the video creator might be a serial killer were dispelled when further research found that one of the photos was from the horror film, The Bunny Game, an era from the German film Slasher, and another was a photo of a victim of the Boston Strangler, a serial killer who served in the 1960s.

Most of the messages were threatening. The individual’s costume led other netizens to see the video’s threats, related to bioterrorism. The year 1371, it has also been suggested, was the year in which the Black Death was devastating Europe.

The codes

But let’s go. I’ll try to detail each code, caught in the video. In a frame, seen in the second 28, there is a code, with several numbers and random letters. When that code was decoded, they found that it referred to the address of the White House, the official residence of the President of the United States. At that time, many people thought that the video was aimed at the United States, and that it was warning, about possible future terrorist attacks.

Then it was the video’s name and a decoded phrase. 2015THEREWILLBE (THREE) was what appeared. This phrase was translated into “2015Haverá (Três)”. But that phrase could have countless interpretations, right? Many users thought that this sentence pointed out that something would repeat itself in 2015, or even that something would happen, three times, in that year. But what caught the most attention was when they mentioned the three Fridays 13. Coincidentally, some time later, the attacks in Paris took place. The attacks consisted of mass shootings, suicide bombings, explosions and the use of hostages.

In addition, it was the third time that attacks took place in 2015. The first was in January, when a newspaper was attacked, for making satirical cartoons, involving the prophet Muhammad. The second was on a high-speed train, where two people were injured and shot. The third attack, which took place on November 13, where the target was the Bataclan concert hall, several bars and restaurants in the center of the capital. Altogether, there were about 130 victims, mostly young people, and more than 350 people injured.

The attacks

So, did this story start to make any sense to you? There were three significant attacks in 2015, making many people wonder if the theory, involving the video, made sense. To make things even more frightening, there are still some curious facts, which help to reinforce this theory. The title given to the video, “11B X 1371”, could refer to the dates of the attacks. The number 71, for example, may refer to the first attack, on January 7. And we still have a reference to the attack on November 13, in numbers 13 and 11, which are also present in the title.

Other people suspected that the message “2015Haverá (Three)” could refer to three terrorist attacks, but not only in France. That theory states that the first attack was the crash of the Airbus A321, of a Russian airline, which crashed in Egypt, and left 224 dead. The second, the attack that happened on Friday the 13th, in France. The third is a big unknown. There were suspicions that the attack could be in the White House, or even in the city of London, but it was just speculation by people trying to solve the case.

Returning to the video, there is a frame in the second 3, which quickly shows a message, in Morse Code. When deciphered, they found that the message said the following word: REDLIPSLIFETENTH

That word may not make any sense, but many people said it was an anagram for “KILLTHEPRESIDENT”, which in Portuguese means “killing the president”. Was it then the ex-president of the United States, Barack Obama? Or would it be turned to François Hollande, who was the president of France at that time? At least, so far, none of the presidents has been killed.

Final message

And finally, we want to talk about another code of the video, which was found in 1 minute and 51 seconds. This strange sequence was decoded, and it contained the following message, translated into Portuguese, of course:

“The fall will soon come / Another great empire

The fall / The eagle on the horizon. Join us.

The Infected Eagle will spread its disease

We are the antivirus that will protect all bodies ”

Could this be another reference to the United States? Well, there is a curious fact, involving the attack on November 13 in Paris. At the Bataclan concert hall, at the time the attack took place, a band called “Eagles of Death Metal” was performing on stage, which many of you probably know. So, did the video message have anything to do with the band? People haven’t been able to find out what’s wrong with the band. The group has nothing macabre and has nothing to do with Satanism. The songs are cheerful and the lyrics basically talk about sex and parties.


At least for us, this relationship, with the band Eagles of Death Metal, doesn’t make any sense. Those were just a few messages, which were found in the video. That is strange, that we cannot deny. But neither can we claim that all these theories are true. But, after all, did you find out who posted this video, which involves so many mysteries? The answer is yes and no. They managed to find the person’s channel, who made the video, but nobody knows who they are. The name of the channel is Parker Wright, and that is all that is known about the author of the video.

The channel even posted a video, very similar to the first, entitled “11B 45 1Q8”. What is the content of this video and what are the messages hidden in it? Well, that will be for another opportunity. It is worth remembering that all these theories were created by internet users, and we, at Fatos Desconhecidos, are just passing on to you. But then, I ask you, what if it’s true?

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