The UK recently announced that it will make the first coronavirus drug available. However, the drug is recommended only for critically ill patients. Thus, yours was authorized only in the United Kingdom, United States and Japan for specific cases. In the case of Brazil, the drug is not yet available for use. That’s because the patent was not applied for in the country.

The antiviral can accelerate the recovery of patients with Covid-19, but it is still far from a definitive cure . Created to be used in the treatment of hepatitis C, the use of remdesivir is being considered one of the greatest advances in the treatment of the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

The patient’s recovery process can be shortened by about four days

According to the British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, the use of the drug can be considered the biggest step in the treatment of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Thus, the drug only became available after results of recent research. Still according to Hancock, with the use of the drug, a patient’s recovery time can be reduced by about four days.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges that Covid-19 imposes is the lack of beds. This is because, once patients are hospitalized with the disease, they can remain hospitalized by the same patient for weeks. However, the use of remdesivir could become a weapon in the fight against the disease .

Being developed by the American pharmaceutical company Gilead, remdesivir has also been tested as a treatment against ebola and the Marburg virus , which causes a type of hemorrhagic fever, but without success. However, in the case of the new coronavirus, the drug has shown promise in the treatment.

Currently, the United Kingdom is the second country with more deaths by Covid-19 in the world, according to data from 05/27. Thus, there are more than 37 thousand deaths, behind only the United States , with almost 99 thousand deaths. Meanwhile, Brazil already totals more than 25,500 deaths.

Promising drug tests

This Tuesday (26/05), preliminary results of clinical tests conducted with the drug in the United States were published. Thus, it was concluded that the drug performed better in the treatment against severe cases of Covid-19. These are cases that needed a respirator and additional care. However, it was not possible to observe the effects of the drug in milder cases of infections of the new coronavirus.

To perform the tests, 1,063 patients were used in ten countries, which were observed over 58 days. Thus, a group of participants received the antiviral for ten days, along with normal care for the treatment of Covid-19. Meanwhile, another group received a placebo . Finally, the results pointed to a mortality rate of 8% for those who received the medicine and 11.6% for those who received the placebo.

According to the researchers, the next step in the study is to evaluate the combination of the drug with an anti-inflammatory used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. However, in any case, the drug still does not represent a cure against Covid-19, but rather, a possibility for treatment .

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