If you are one of those who believe in paranormal things, Teresita Basa’s story can be interesting. But if you don’t believe in those things, you will at least be intrigued by this case . Basa was supposed to have returned from the dead, entered someone else’s body, and revealed who his killer was. It looks like a movie, but apparently that’s how it all happened, and until proven otherwise, it’s true.

Teresita Basa was cruelly murdered in her apartment in Chicago, United States, on the night of February 21, 1977. An investigation was opened to investigate the case and find her killer. But it was not successful. Until a woman contacted the police, stating that Basa would have entered his body and told him who his killer was. She would still have left tips, so that the police could prove what she was talking about. The fact is that the woman, who in theory was incarnated by Basa, was really right.

The case

Teresita Basa was Filipino and moved to the United States when she finished her studies. She settled in Chicago, and became a physical therapist. She worked at Edgewater hospital and was known for being a very private and educated woman.

On February 21, 1977, around 7:30 pm, Basa received a call from a co-worker. They talked for almost half an hour, and Basa even mentioned that a male guest was on his way, but did not reveal his name. About an hour later, the neighbors, who lived in the same building, smelled smoke coming from their apartment. Firefighters were called in to contain the fire and were shocked to find Teresita Basa’s body naked under a burning mattress. They were even more horrified to discover that the body had a butcher knife stuck in its chest.

At first, the evidence suggested rape, since the woman’s clothes were folded, next to her naked body. But the medical examination determined that Basa had not been raped.

Detectives Joseph Stachula and Lee R. Eppeln were assigned to solve the case. In the burnt-out apartment, the investigating pair found a mysterious note, written by Basa, which said: “Get tickets for AS”. They failed to find out who the “AS” could be, and eventually the case was dropped. Until, in August of that year, the case of Teresita Basa ‘s murder took a very peculiar turn.


The police contacted Detective Stachula again to question him about Allan Showery, a hospital technician, who worked at the same hospital as Basa. And from there, they reached Dr. Juan Chua. According to the doctor, his wife, Remy Chua, was possessed by the spirit of Teresita Basa.

He told unbelieving police officers that his wife had been in a coma and would have spoken in the voice of another woman. In one of these trances, she would have said: “I am Teresita Basa”. After that she would have said that she had been stabbed to death by Allan Showery. At first, the doctor and his wife were a little apprehensive about contacting the police. But after the alleged voice came back several times, they decided to go to the police.

Initially, the police were not convinced of these claims. That changed when Mrs. Chua revealed that Showery had stolen Basa’s jewelry. Detail that, until then, the police did not know. Then, the detectives went to the suspect’s apartment, who said he knew the victim and that he would have gone to his apartment that night, but that he would have left shortly after repairing his TV.

It wasn’t long before the police discovered the jewelry at the suspect’s home. Basically, these were identified as belonging to Basa by their family. After presenting this evidence, Showery confessed to the nurse’s murder . In his confession, he declared that he had gone to the victim’s apartment to steal from her, as he wanted to pay his rent.

Showery was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the murder of Teresa Basa. “To this day, I’m not sure I believe how the information was obtained,” says Detective Stachula. “However, everything is completely true.”

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