The internet is a vast place, where we can do almost anything and access the most diverse content quickly. It has become a place to find political debates, scientific information, search for entertainment content and, of course, have fun.

Everyone knows that it can be a very strange place. And there are no limits to these strangeness and bizarre. What is not lacking in the online world are unusual and completely peculiar things. And the more bizarre it is, the more it looks like people will like it.

Perhaps because of this, the internet is the perfect place for challenges in all forms and ways. Since what happens most are people imitating the crazy idea that some random person had. Who doesn’t remember the famous ice bucket baths? Or the dangerous Blue Whale? This caused controversy worldwide, as in the end, the participant was challenged to commit suicide.

Whether to have bigger lips like a celebrity, or to dance outside a moving car while a song plays. The challenges come and go. Some take longer to pass, while others quickly become a thing of the past.

Internet challenges are not always bad. Even though some are quite bizarre, there are those who can raise awareness about something. And of course, there are those that come up and that no one really knows how and that ends up being the most successful.

The new challenge that is circulating through TikTok is a coordination challenge. The challenge seems to be quite simple. What you have to do is turn your right foot clockwise while writing the number 6 on a piece of paper. Even if it is something thought of as easy, no one is managing to take the challenge.


The user who launched the motor coordination challenge on his TikTok profile explained that people who wanted to do so would need a paper, a pen and their right foot.

“Rotate your right foot clockwise, clockwise. Then, while rotating your foot, I want you to write the number 6 on paper,” said the user. He also demonstrated what he was talking about on video.

But even he, who claims to be the creator of the challenge, was unable to do so. The moment he tries to write the number 6 on the paper, the man’s foot automatically changes direction.

After trying to do the challenge itself, the user asks whoever is watching the video: “Did you do it? I doubt it!

Of course, like any “impossible” challenge, this one also went viral quickly. And the challenge creator got what he wanted, which was to have a great engagement and several likes in his idea. Several other people tried to take the coordination challenge and recorded themselves trying. But it really seems like an impossible thing to do. At least, it generated a funny content to see on the internet in these times when we are all isolated at home.

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