According to information from Johns Hopkins University, Brazil is the second country in the world with the most cured patients of Covid-19, the respiratory syndrome caused by the new coronavirus. However, this is not entirely positive news. In fact, we are far from having anything to celebrate in the fight against Sars-CoV-2 .

This is because, the country only manages to have a large number of people cured because it had a very high number of people who contracted the disease. That said, Brazil also takes second place in the country with the highest number of cases, behind only the United States .

Many people healed, but also many infected

According to data from the Ministry of Health, released on Monday (01/06), Brazil has 211,080 recovered from the respiratory infection caused by Covid-19. Third is Russia, with almost 423,741 confirmed cases and 186,985 recovered. So, first in the number of recovered, is the United States, which has 444,758 recovered.

Currently, there are already 526,447 confirmed cases. Therefore, the recovered rate in Brazil represents a total of 40.1% of that number. But, in addition, it is also necessary to remember that there are already 29,937 registered deaths and 4,412 deaths under investigation.

To account for the cases, the Ministry of Health needed to define some specific criteria. Thus, the group of people recovered from the disease, all people who were diagnosed and who faced the 14 days of preventive quarantine, are part of the group. In this way, the number goes beyond those who were in hospital beds and takes into account those who did not have severe symptoms.

In the case of number of deaths, Brazil does not enter the first in greater numbers. However, it is already in 4th place in the ranking. Third, we have Italy with 33,340 deaths. Then. the United Kingdom , in second place, with 38,458. And finally, in the first place, the United States, with 103,781 deaths.

How are other countries getting closer to controlling the virus?

In the not-so-distant past, countries like Iran, for example, were on the lists of places with the highest number of cases. However, by adhering to a regime of social isolation and more severe testing, the country was able to contain the spread in most of its provinces. To give you an idea, the country has already reached 157,562 confirmed cases. However, with more controlled numbers, much of the country returned to activities.

In any case, recently, the country regretted that many Iranians are not respecting the measures imposed by the government. As a result, more than 3,000 cases were recorded in a 24-hour period. According to Health Ministry spokesman Kianuche Jahanpur, many “people have become completely reckless in the face of the disease.”

According to many researchers, the country could be the victim of a second wave if measures are not taken. “To those who believe that the coronavirus is gone, this is completely false,” added Jahanpur.

In another example, we can mention China, where the first case of the disease was registered and also where the impact was greater. However, with drastic monitoring measures, the country has reduced the number of infected to 73. Since the pandemic began, the maximum total number was 84,160 and 4,638 deaths.

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