What makes a good hero? If you think about it, what makes a hero have an interesting story is the villains . However, in many cases, because they have had countless villains, many end up being completely forgotten how bad they were. Thinking about it, we decided to revive some of these villains, bringing together the 7 worst crude villains in the comics.

If we think about it, all villains are inspired by their enemies, the heroes . That way, if there were no heroes, there would also be no villains. However, if we are going to take everything seriously, many things in the comics will not make sense. Anyway, one thing is certain, if we bring these villains together, we will have a real “shearing league”.

1 – Egg Fu

Among all the oddities that date from the Golden and Silver eras, the ‘Egg Fu’ (‘Ovo Fu’, in free translation), is certainly one of the most crude characters of the period. However, he is also one of Wonder Woman’s greatest villains .

2 – Fly

To take revenge on those who practiced bullying, the ‘Codpiece’ decided to put a gun between his legs. With that, he started to blow people up and rob banks with his new weapon. However, this is one of those characters that we are sure will not return to harass the ‘Destiny Patrol’.

3 – Blue Snowman

Being a villain or villain of Wonder Woman, the ‘Blue Snowman’, in free translation (‘Blue Snowman’, in English), is a scientist who disguises himself as a man to commit crimes . With that, she uses a blue snow ray that paralyzes her victims.

4 – Tiger Man Without Arms

In addition to having a tiger face, Eric Hertz also does not have both arms. So, after suffering an accident at the factory he worked for, he learned to live without his limbs, but ended up being the victim of experiments carried out by the Nazis. Ultimately, this made him become the ‘Armless Tiger Man’, in free translation (‘Armless Tiger Man’, in English). However, after invading Wakanda and fighting for the Nazi cause, he is killed and ends up in the underworld. After that, the character was never seen again.

5 – Snow Flame

Being a native of Colombia, the ‘Snowflame’ (‘Flame of Snow’, in free translation) has its powers derived from the use of cocaine. Thus, under the use of the drug, he possessed superhuman strength, pyrokinesis and an above-normal speed. At the time, the villain appeared in the adventures of DC Comics ‘ ‘New Guardians’ and represented part of the problems of the time, such as excessive drug use and HIV.

6 – Ruby Thursday

Under the cloak of ‘Ruby Thursday’ (scientist Thursday Rubinstein), lives the scientist Thursday Rubinstein, villain of the Defenders . Thus, after its head has been replaced by a mass of “organic circuits”, it has the power to change the shape of this “head”, transforming it into tentacles capable of firing projectiles and explosions of energy. However, to overcome it, just remove the head from your body.

7 – Spiderman

That’s right, you did not misread. However, we are talking about the villain Spiderman (‘Spider Man’, in English) and not the hero, Spider-Man (‘Spider-man’, in English). Instead of a blue and red outfit, the villain wears black outfit that resembles a giant tarantula or, at least, should remember. In addition, the villain does not wear a mask and only had a brief appearance in 1947 magazine ‘Whiz Comics # 89’.

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