Currently, the horror genre is the fastest growing when we are talking about cinema . Among some factors for this to happen, we can mention the fact that they are highly profitable films and of great interest to the public. Thus, in the marketing campaign for these films, it is common to find pranks that startle the audience and give a taste of the film. Thinking about it, we separated 7 terrible pranks used to promote films.

Promoting a film has never been more difficult. That’s because, today, we have endless options for catalogs, channels and streaming services . In this way, these pranks proved to be something that can attract public attention and interest. But, of course, in a way that the viewer does not die of fright and can attend the session.

1 – Carrie – The Strange (2013)

To promote the remake of “Carrie – The Strange”, of 2013, the customers of this nightclub in Russia had a different surprise. Thus, when washing their hands in the bathroom, the soap turned into blood, leaving many customers of the nightclub, at least, surprised.

2 – The Devil’s Heir (2014)

In 2014, the film “Heir of the Devil” was released. So, as a way of promoting the film, a baby stroller was released on the streets of New York. However, for onlookers and people who tried to help, a real demon got out of the cart.

3 – Paranormal Activity 5 – Phantom Dimension (2015)

At its release, the film “Paranormal Activity” was a real success. With that, a series of sequences have come over the years. Thus, for the campaign for the fifth film in the franchise, “Ghost Dimension”, the house used in the first film was set up to record some scares. Thus, the house was opened and made available to potential buyers who were interested in the place. However, they received much more than had been promised by the brokers.

4 – Sharknado 2: The Second Wave

In fact, the “Sharknado” film series may not be the scariest, but this catch is definitely among the best. Thus, people who simply passed a fishmonger in London ended up encountering a hidden shark. After that, I bet you’ll think twice about eating a fish.

5 – Annabelle (2014)

As a way of promoting the film “Annabelle” , nothing better than using a live doll that scares anyone looking to take a simple photo. In this way, the people who passed through the place received a scare that they will not soon forget.

6 – The Call 3 (2017)

Imagine that you’re all excited to buy a new television, right? However, while he decides, Samara Morgan , from “The Call”, leaves the screen of one of the televisions. It’s an incredible prank, but I imagine, that this store has lost several sales with the game.

7 – Invocation of Evil 2 (2016)

In this prank, the audience lives a true horror movie scene. Thus, in a classic moment when the character washes his face to “wake up from a dream”, he is faced with a monstrous figure in the mirror. However, here, to make this possible, a superstructure was created. In this way, two mirrors were used to show Valak , the scary nun in the film. But after that, the nun appears again, beside the victim.

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