Recently, actress Ruby Rose took fans by surprise by announcing that she would be leaving the “Batwoman” series after her first season. However, as the actress lived the protagonist of the series, everything becomes even more complicated. After all, what to do? In this case, just finding a new actress, which is not an easy task, but it was already a solution for other cases. Therefore, we separated 7 series and films of heroes who had to replace actors.

As the series was already renewed for a second season, Warner Bros. announced that a new actress will be cast to play the role of Kate Kane . That said, many other hero series and movies have switched roles and you didn’t even notice.

1 – Lois Lane in “The Adventures of Superman”

In the 1950s series, Phillys Coates started on the series as Lois Lane , but soon left the role. That’s because, the actress wanted to invest in new roles. In its place, we had Noel Neill, who had already played the journalist in the 1948 film “Superman”. With that, the actress remained in the series until the end, in the sixth season.

2 – Rachel Dawes in “Batman Begins”

Initially created for cinema, Rachel Dawes is a childhood friend and love interest in Bruce Wayne . However, in the first film she was played by Katie Holmes. But in the sequence, she left the role to act in “Crazy for Love, Addicted to Money”. This was not a good choice, but at least it made Maggie Gyllenhaal take the role and give a much deeper version of the character.

3 – Catwoman in “Batman”

Throughout the iconic 1960s series, two actresses took on the mantle of Catwoman . So, after 13 episodes, Julie Newmar passed the role to Eartha Kitt, who stayed until the end of the series.

4 – Bruce Banner in “The Incredible Hulk”

Many may not remember it, but 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk” is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe catalog. That said, Edward Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo when the character appeared again in “The Avengers”. Anyway, they behave in totally different ways that can even be considered two different characters.

5 – Alura in “Supergirl”

In the third season of “Supergirl” , Erica Durance replaced Laura Benati as Alura, the biological mother of the superheroine. With that, many can recognize the actress by the role of Lois Lane in the series “Smallville”.

6 – Thanos in “The Avengers”

You may not remember, but the Thanos who appears in the post-credits scene for “The Avengers” is not played by Josh Brolin. That’s because, before the actor took the role, Damion Poitier played the titan in theaters.

7 – Sara Lance in “Arrow”

In the first episode of “Arrow”, we have Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Sara Lance . However, due to other commitments, the actress decided to leave the role. Thus, Caity Lotz entered the place and won the fans’ taste. In addition to being part of the main cast of the series, the character also won her own spin-off, where she saves the world alongside “Legends of Tomorrow”, which is in its fifth season.

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