The human being almost always surrenders to beliefs . Most of the time, she is religious, in other times, she can be the opposite way. The sects accompany man throughout the history of mankind. The belief in inexplicable things from beyond – which can often be somber – predates several other important aspects of humanity, such as agriculture, civilization, the alphabet and communication as we know it.

Most of the time, obscure practices are not necessarily bad, since most of the things that make us afraid of these customs are a consequence of the negative propaganda that Christianity has made of them. How many of them do you know? We have listed 7 most famous obscure rituals in all of history.

1 – Nábrók

This hidden sect in Iceland is one of the most bizarre on record. It is centered on pants made from the skin of dead legs and feet. It turns out that in Iceland, during the seventeenth century, many people were fascinated by remains, resulting in several sects with the remains of dead human bodies.

The sect’s ritual worked as follows: a sorcerer needed permission to wear the dead man’s fur pants . Whoever was able to endure the ritual and wear the pants would be blessed with a lot of wealth. For a time, they believed that this sect was a myth, until they began to reappear.

2 – Divination

The divination is divided into several ways in which you can try to predict the future. You can try to see the future in the palm of your hand, through the crystal ball, the tarot, the cards and many other ways. These practices suffered at the hands of the Church, which still sees divination as an evil incarnation of evil. The church has persecuted the adventures for millennia, since it sees any occult practice other than Christian as a sin. However, the occultist does not see it that way.

3 – Satanism

The first Satanic cults were officially documented in Europe and North America since the 17th century. There is little information about the origin, since the Catholic Church destroyed many of these remains. Satanism finds inspiration in many strong symbols of evil, such as Hades, god of the Underworld in Greek mythology.

The Satanic Church was established in America in the 1960s. Small cults have also emerged around the world. While the members of these groups do not reach millions like those of other religions, the strange and sometimes violent practices – such as murder or suicide – by satanic cults make it a well-known movement.

4 – Summon souls

Invoking souls is a hidden practice conducted by mediums, almost always with the intention of contacting the dead or people who crossed over to another plane. A group of people will sit in a circle and invoke souls from beyond. Ghosts, most often according to descriptions, will manifest themselves through objects or even, in the body of one of those present. This is one of the most common rituals in the world.

5 – Human sacrifice

In various occult practices in human history, there have been human sacrifices. Even today, it is possible to find sects that make human sacrifices for Satan – and of course the authorities are on the trail of some, as they have already caught others. In the USA, now and then satanic sects are caught committing crimes.

6 – Old Moore’s Almanac

Old Moore’s Almanac dates back to 1697 in Ireland. It is a book in which you can find predictions for the future. Nowadays, there is a whole system ready to be consulted by anyone interested in the ritual. The operation is very similar to the horoscope.

7 – Hermeticism

Hermeticism is the ancient practice of esoteric wisdom that contains many texts and ideas under its umbrella. It is one of the oldest occult practices of all time, starting with the mixture of Greek Roman and Egyptian cultures and philosophy with mysticism. “Popular” hermeticism is the practice of more common things, like astrology. Deeper hermeticism is similar to Gnosticism. The main objective was to gain a true understanding of the knowledge of God and to understand the supernatural.

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