When we think of deities and saints we refer to the times of the great religious festivals like Christmas or Corpus Christi. Some deities linked to these occasions surround us and are always present in our daily lives, whether by the faith of each one or by religious holidays.

The study of deities and what they represent is quite complex and, for those who have not studied or know a little, some names are better known than others. Lucifer is one of those names well known to everyone. Also known as the fallen angel or even Satan, in short, his story is quite complex. In this list we talk about some points of the rebellion he made.

1 – Origin

In the Bible we see the names of four angels, out of the thousands that were created by God, and we know that they were all made to be good. They were Gabriel, which means ‘God is powerful’; Michael, whose name means ‘like God’; Rafael, which means ‘God heals’; and Lucifer, whose name means ‘light bearer’. Out of pride, Lucifer rebelled, wanting the throne of God and the worship that belonged to him. This caused a war in heaven . When he was defeated by the archangel Michael, Lucifer was sent to the land where everyone knew him as Satan.

2 – Satan

Many people think that Satan is the opposite of God, but he is not. The thinking that most people have when thinking about God and the Devil is like Yin and Yang, but even that balance does not come from total equality between light and darkness. Just like the rest of the angels, he was created by God, so he is subject to him equally to all his other creations. Furthermore, he is not on the same level as God and has no more rights or powers than he does.

3 – Goals

When Lucifer was filled with pride, vanity, selfishness and ambition he started his rebellion. The aim was for him to rise above all the angels of God and wanted to make a government concurrent with that of the Creator of the universe. And to show his power, Lucifer wanted his kingdom to be north of the congregation mount, where the throne of God was.

4 – Position

Satan’s position was that of a cherub. The role of the cherubim was to guard the surrounding of God , since they were the highest rank of genetic authority. And Lucifer had been anointed by God to guard his throne. This shows that Satan had a moral obligation to be loyal to God regardless of his position in heaven.

5 – Guilt

Lucifer’s choice is entirely his, but some say that God may have had his share of the blame as well. Because in the view of these people, if God did not want rebellions, he should have created a world where they did not exist. But those who argue that it is not God’s fault say that if the intention was to make creatures in his image and likeness, the power to make decisions would have to be included. Anyway, what is known is that Lucifer is really responsible for his crime. Ezekiel 28.15 explicitly states that Lucifer was perfect from the day he was created, “until iniquity was found in you”.

6 – Convincing

Lucifer convinced several angels of God, through lies. He sowed discord and discontent among the angels, causing them to join him in his rebellion. As he saw that several angels followed him, the feeling of self-worship grew in him, and with that, his desire to be like God. Such a feeling was what led him to ruin.

7 – Privations

After his rebellion was made, Lucifer was deprived of fellowship with God in an irrecoverable way. He obviously became an enemy of God and of all that is divine. Since his fall, his rise has become impossible, as well as those who joined him. Due to his betrayal, which was the most terrible in the history of the cosmos, Satan and his angels can only hope for eternal condemnation and punishment (Mt 25.41).

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