On YouTube , we can find a little bit of everything. And of course, all types of music, played in their most diverse instruments and styles. Thus, navigating the platform, we can find real pearls of classical music. Thinking about it, we separated the 7 incredible moments of classical music that can be seen on YouTube.

First, we need that the term “classical” does not refer only to the “Classical Era” (between 1730 and 1820) of music. So here, we use the term in a broader sense. In other words, music based on the forms, instrumentation and styles of the great epochs (classical, baroque, Renaissance , 20th century etc.)

1 – Der Rosenkavalier

Even though many of the clothes in this video have gone out of style, I assure you that the music is more current than ever. That’s because this trio represents some of the greatest voices of the 20th century. So, together, they formed one of the largest opera companies in the world. Without further explanation, the presentation is beautiful in itself and can be defined in a single word, angelic.

2 – Les pêcheurs de perles

In the midst of everything that has been happening in the world, this is a song that can bring us hope for the future. But, in addition, it also shows itself as one of the most loved pieces of classical music in the world.

3 – Akhnaten

Set in Ancient Egypt, this is an opera composed by Philip Glass. When listening to the work, we can feel a truly harmonic tone. Of course, nothing that was written is here by chance. So, this is an opera that shows how being minimalist can be beautiful and rich at the same time.

4 – In Paradisum, Fauré Requiem

A requiem is a musical setting for a Catholic mass, being widely used in funerals. That said, composers like Mozart and Verdi are known for their requiem. However, here, we will mention the requiem of the French composer Gabriel Fauré. In music, we are taken to Jerusalem and the angels sing Lazarus’ arrival in the heavens.

5 – Symphony of lamentations

This is the third symphony by the Polish composer Henryk Gorecki and besides being formidable, it has also been a huge success internationally. Sung in Polish, the text is a prayer to the Virgin Mary that was written on a wall during World War II . For example, the words sung mean: “Oh, Mom, don’t cry. Immaculate Queen of Heaven, always support me”.

6 – Odi et Amo

In 2018, Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson died at 48, due to an overdose of cocaine and medicines. Thus, classical music and cinema lost one of their greatest artists. For those unfamiliar with the artist, he is behind the composition of the film “A Chegada” and other works. But in addition to working in Hollywood , he also wrote “Odi et Amo”, or “Amor e ” dio “. In fact, it is a deep and simply beautiful song.

7 – Ombra Mai Fu

Finally, we end with the performance of the play “Ombra Mai Fu”, one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Furthermore, it is surreal where the vocal reach of the singer, who is a countertenor , manages to reach. Even without the translation of the lyrics, it is possible to understand that true beauties are being sung in the music.

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