We are used to some urban legends. They are nothing more than scary horror stories. I bet you were terrified when you heard about the Blonde from the Bathroom. But with the advent of technology, things change – as long as they remain the same, understand? -. Let us continue with the example of the Blondie from the Bathroom. She scared many more people in the early 2000s, when she appeared on a picture of the Gugu Program, which was shown on TV.

And so, we got to where we want: the creepypastas . They are the evolution, from technology, of horror stories. Basically, they are horror stories that run the internet through horror forums and the like. They are just stories, or almost. There are some of these stories that are presented as inspired by real events, or at least, inspired by something that really happened. So we have listed 7 creepypasta inspired by real stories.

1 – Sex Dolls

Doll makers are tycoons, doll creators who, supposedly, go to crowded orphanages around the world and pick up girls from 7 to 10 years old to “create”. After adopting them, they take them to a shed where they amputate their arms and legs, replacing them with silicone prostheses. The vocal cords are removed and the teeth pulled out and exchanged for imitations of rubber. Until the process, they are also deaf and blind.

The only sense that works is touch. After that, they are used as sex dolls and are marketed by doll makers. They are sold for $ 70,000 to $ 700,000 within the black market. After being acquired, they usually live for a maximum of one year.

2 – Unknow101

Unknow101 is a website, sent by an anonymous stranger via a link on Facebook , which is all blood red with images of dead people with no body parts. Some people say that it is impossible to disconnect after entering the site.

3 – Bizarre game

Free Ice-Cream is a game where an ice cream man kidnaps two girls, and they need to escape from captivity. There is a current version of the game that is very light and quiet. But the first version of the game was not that light. In addition to the graph having very tense moments and climates, every time you died in the game, a photo of a real dead girl, all bloody, appeared.

4 – Russian sleep experiment

At the end of World War II , the Russians left five political enemies without sleep for 30 days in a row, as a scientific experiment. They were controlled by gas and were trapped in closed rooms being monitored 24 hours by cameras. They were fed dehydrated feed.

From the fifth day, they began to have constant paranoia. They no longer communicated. Until, on the fifth day, one of them screamed for hours on end, until the vocal cords burst. The experiment was stopped before 20 days, because after a lot of noise, the prisoners began to act strangely. They had become zombies inside the room. They were thin, raw, eating their own meat, and they didn’t want to leave.

5 – Happy Appy

Happy Appy was a children’s program that was shown on Russian television in 1999. Only the first three episodes were shown, and the rest were forgotten. A blogger called Wikia Happy Appy: The True Vision claims he had access to the other episodes, which were never shown.

The blogger says that after episode three, things start to get dark. Silences of 30 seconds with the main puppet apple looking at you, even children being attracted to the woods and their scream loudly. See a little:

6 – Hello Kitty case

The Hello Kitty Case happened in 1999 in Hong Kong, when a woman was kidnapped, tortured and killed a month later. Her body was perforated and her head boiled, until only the skull was left, which was placed inside the head of a Hello Kitty doll .

7 – Hide and seek alone

The hide and seek alone is a technique for finding spirits. In the ritual, a doll is offered for the spirit to possess, giving it a body. There is a whole process easily found on the internet, and many claim to be really real.

All the stories reported here, in this matter, are not proven nor are they real. That’s why they are called Creepypasta

So, what did you think? Comment here with us and share on your social networks. For you who are already researching each of these legends, and regretting that hug.

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