You look around and the only thing you find is the silence of a cold night on the city subway. Her legs start to stagger, her breathing suddenly quickens and the urge to run awayeverything speaks louder. “Hello, dear reader. Are you ready to read some of the creepy pastries that happened on the subways and that will make you afraid to enter one? The stories can be based on real facts and, at the same time, trigger some feeling inside you. “. Be reluctant if you did not want to continue reading or continue to the end – never the middle ground. Sometimes the narratives are meant to be read and they want you to have the courage to look through what happened. Does it all make sense to you? Which stories are dormant in the coming and going of buses, airplanes and subways?

All the details carry some kind of meaning , even if you don’t understand them when they are at the height of the event. It would be much easier if the train doors were open, but not. They close and, from that moment on, the plot finally begins. Are you really ready?

1- The lady with only one eye

It was just under midnight on the Vienna subway, a young man was sitting, patiently waiting for the time to get home. The day had been too long. So tiredness had not really let him know who was on the train.

It turns out that there was a lady who was a few armchairs away, sitting and looking at the floor as if she had missed something. Who was this woman? And why was she so quiet? She couldn’t even look ahead, as if the ground was the only possible horizon to catch a glimpse of.

The young man, in an instant, looked at the chairs around him and finally noticed the lady. She only had one eye, the other being completely dry and with no apparent life. Suddenly, the lady rummages in the armchair, raises her face and looks at the same young man who could not stop watching her.

She smiles as the train lights lose focus and start to fail. The light goes out. Some whispers are noticeable, so much so that they trigger hearty laughter. Was it the lady? What was happening.

It is clear again, and now the lady was sitting right in front of the young man. His single eye watched him incessantly as he prepared to do something. She finally had the courage to get up from the chair and walk the few meters that separated her from the frightened young man. The train suddenly stops and there is no more noise anywhere, only silence.

2- What happened to me?

London, 1960. As with every day in his routine, the boy waited for the train to arrive at the station. However, there was something different. He realized that his thoughts were too heavy to bear on his own.

Some glimpses were directly associated with death, pain and anguish. A sudden urge to run towards the tracks took over and, therefore, he tried to distract himself with his cell phone. “Hi, boy. What are you playing on your cell phone,” a sweet voice interrupted him.

He watched the owner of that voice and could only see a shadow that looked like a girl. His eyes were gray and white as fog. “Do you know why I’m here? What happened to me,” the girl insisted. “I don’t know. Who are you?”, The young man replied. “I don’t know who I am, but I wanted to know what I’m doing here.”

Little did the boy know what happened from time to time at that train station. At least 12 similar reports preceded the occasion, when a girl allegedly questioned people about who she was and how she died. This is one of the creepy pastries that happened in subways that will make you afraid to get into one.

3- Do not close the door

A journalist decided to carry out the improbable mission to understand the whereabouts of 10 missing people on the Moscow metro. This story possibly arose from the urban legend that the Soviets built a secret subway system, which connects directly to the Kremlin. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, the young professional ventured through the rooms at the ends of the Russian metro station.

He was giving up on continuing the lonely search when he heard the voice of two men, one complementing the other’s reasoning. One sentence was very noticeable and it seemed to be said right in the next room where the journalist was. “Don’t close the door,” they said. “Don’t close”. Apparently, the outline of this story was found on a tape recorder outside the station.

4- Light spectrum

According to reports, there was a kind of unfinished crypt in the Glasgow subway tunnel (United Kingdom). Beside the remains, some spectra of light transmitted an energy that did not seem to come from this world. However, everything happened very quickly.

Spectra came and went in a matter of moments, fostering the idea that they were spiritual memories of lifeless bodies. There is no possible explanation for the phenomenon, but the narrative continues to be told today. This is one of the creepy pastries that happened in subways that will make you afraid to get into one.

5- The persecution of the cult

There are reports that a cult with non-human beings takes place in the depths of the New York subway. They would be creatures that perform acts of worship in secret and that do not like to be fortunate. If you see them, it is possible that you will be plagued with thoughts and your own dreams for years. They never forget those who cross their paths.

6- The doctor’s sign

When a young woman got on the train in a New York subway, there were 5 rows of empty seats. However, the latter was occupied by three people. Since she was a little scared, she sat across from the three strangers. She finally calmed down and decided to watch the group of people.

A woman was staring at her without even blinking. So the young woman started to read her book to distract her mind during the trip. The train had stopped at the next station, so only one man entered.

He quickly scanned the inside of the train and sat down right next to the frightened young woman. When the train left the station, the man leaned back and said in a low voice, “You’d better leave with me at the next station. Something strange is going on inside.”

She was afraid, but she thought it would be a good idea. When the two finally left, the man confessed, “Thank God. I didn’t want to scare you, but I had to get you off that train. I’m a doctor and, for some reason, I felt that the woman sitting in front of you was dead and two men on both sides were trying to calm her down. ” This is one of the creepy pastries that happened in subways that will make you afraid to get into one.

7- The intense kiss between three people

Apparently, because of the late hours, the New York subway trains were not being supervised very much. Therefore, strange things happen. A young girl was sitting in silence when three people got on the same train she was on.

The three (two men and a woman) were kissing intensely and the girl seemed to dictate the flow of movements – as if she were the main part of the intimate moment. The young woman, frightened, could not stop facing the embarrassing situation.

After a few seconds, a homeless person got on the train and was shocked by what was happening. Abruptly, he took the girl by the arms and they both got off at the next stop. “What are you doing to me? Stop right now,” he said before shouting for help. “Why are you nervous? Didn’t you see what was going on? The woman didn’t blink. Both men were carrying a corpse.”

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