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54 Cream Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Haircuts in Spring

Cream Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Haircuts

Hair salon experts have not lost any time and have already become acquainted with the trends in short hair dyeing in 2019. Looking for fresh inspiration ideas? Read our new article!

Top Cream Blonde Trends in Short Hair Coloring

Rainbow toning strands. Pastel colors will be completely safe for hair that has previously been highlights, they will not need to be brightened again.

Colored roots with a back down. The thick dark shade of the parting becomes pale and lost on the length – an extravagant and endearing way to diversify blonde hair.

Stencil coloring as if created for music festivals and summer parties. The choice of pattern depends on your imagination and is unlimited.

Red strands. This is unnatural, but sensual. Choose carmine, burgundy, wine shades and do not forget that the skin tone should be smooth.

Fashionable Cream Blonde Colors on Short Hair in 2019: Light Contrasts

Wavy hair up to the shoulders require contrasting highlighting of the curls. Try to try on yourself balayazh and shatush with soft shades two or three tones darker than the main background. You can experiment with straight hair, armed with a kaleidoscope of colors and the help of a talented colorist.

Fashionable Dyeing on Short haircuts in 2019: Best Cream Blonde Hair Color Ideas

If the hair length allows you to combine two or three techniques, then why not do it? Combine ombre and babylights, sombre and various highlighting options – this is not only fashionable. This is an opportunity to emphasize (or get) the bulk, which does not always boast a falling waterfall to the waist of the head of hair.

Bright personality: trends in dyeing short hair

Saturated strands in short haircuts will not go out of fashion ever. If you are not yet ready for a cardinal change of image, take a closer look at the ashy balarazhu with blackout roots and delicate pastel highlights. For the most stylish in the salons in store rich coloring with shades of brown gamut.

Actual shades for blondes

What shades will be fashionable in blond, our experts know!


In 2019, the ice platinum migrated to the ends of the hair and to the strands around the face, emphasizing the glossy well-groomedness of demanding ashy shades.

Pink Blonde

Good for toning the entire hair, and for accent strands. Fashion trends take off in front of an ashen pink tone: it is not boring and gives you a smart image.

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