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50 Energetic and colorful living room design ideas

Designing a colorful living room scheme can be an exciting design challenge to take on in your home, helping to make your space feel warm, comfortable and extremely inviting. This area is where family and friends commune for entertaining, so it’s an excellent idea to create a bright and cheerful living space. The room will help to energize and invigorate everyone, leaving them feeling blissful and content.

It’s an easy task to design a living room space that is colorful and vivacious. You can select bold prints, fabrics, furnishings, patterned wall coverings and fun accessories to add splashes of color to help achieve your goal. Even a couple of bright items would be just enough to generate a bold statement in a neutral hued room. We have gathered together a vast collection of living rooms to give you plenty of inspiration to choose from to help you with your own home decorating. As you scroll through the images, you will notice that we have given you some fun tips to help you achieve the look!

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