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5 Clever ways to create a spacious bathroom retreat

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where you do everything from showering in the morning to washing up and brushing your teeth at night. That’s why the last thing you want is a tiny bathroom. However, sometimes that is our only option. In those cases, there is hope. Check out ways to make your bathroom look more spacious below:

1. Stick to the same colors and tones

If you want to make your bathroom look bigger than it really is, you need to keep everything the same tone and color. You want the room to have one united shade. That’s because if you opt for a look like dark walls and light tiles, this will only make the space appear more enclosed. If you must have some contrast going on, though, limit it to something that is more of an object. For instance, let it be a light fixture or a low cabinet. That way the object will really stand out and get everyone’s attention, while the rest of the room blends together and acts as more of a backdrop than anything else.

2. Opt for clear glass doors for your shower

When you choose to have shower doors made of textured glass, you are giving off the illusion of an extra wall. This not only allows you to get some light into your shower, but also have the feel of some privacy. These doors are truly a visual barrier within the room, making your bathroom come across as more spacious

3. Invest in large bathroom vanities

There is nothing that will make a bathroom appear larger than it is than a than a huge bath vanity. In fact, a bath vanity that reaches all the way to the ceiling will do wonders for your room. It doesn’t matter if the bath vanity is trimmed out in wood or tile. All you want is a tall bath vanity that has lighting on the top of it or hanging in the front of it, as that will work to double the light’s impact and make your lavatory feel much bigger than it is. However, don’t choose a bath vanity that uses double mirrors over side by side sinks. This will have the opposite effect you’re going for and make your bathroom look smaller.

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