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44 Absolutely stunning dark and moody bathrooms

Dark bathrooms can infuse drama, confidence and boldness to any interior, the design is risky, however if pulled off right, can be very sensual and beautiful. Most people would not dare to design a space in dark tones, especially for the bathroom since there aren’t usually large expanses of windows to draw in natural light. We have gathered together a collection of bathrooms that will show you that dark bathrooms are not only livable, but are very alluring and will make you want one in your own home.

Dark tones will help to make bathroom interiors appear to be more voluminous and harmonious. You can add some contrast with some light tones such as a lighter flooring or a white bathtub, sink or toilet. Adding beautiful light fixtures into your bathroom will help to illuminate the space and add some drama. In our collection you will find various bathrooms with dominant black, gray, brown hues and other dark shades.

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