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40 Inspirational ideas to soak up Asian bathroom design

If you are renovating or designing a bathroom, you should contemplate styling your space with an Asian inspired design, which is very soothing and elegant. These spaces typically showcase traditional Japanese influenced architecture, design and art. Paired up with modern and contemporary decor, bathrooms in this style can be ultra luxurious and extremely relaxing. A traditional Asian style bathroom incorporates plenty of natural materials into the design. Specifically, wood and stone are utilized interchangeably for surfaces such as flooring, and sink tops and can draw the outside in through the use of untreated wood and rough-hewn or matte stone. Additional outdoor elements that can be incorporated into your design scheme includes fountains, rock gardens, ferns, orchids and other natural elements.

Furnishings are typically comprised of high-quality hardwoods, usually left unfinished or stained to enrich the natural appearance of the wood. Furniture is incorporated to anchor the design style, such as dressing tables, benches and chairs. Shoji and other screens are also a common component applied not only as a decorative element, but also for privacy. These thin, wood-framed design pieces can help to delineate areas in the bathroom and are effortlessly portable. The screens have a light and airy design that balances well with the bulkier design elements consisting of stone or wood in the sinks, countertops and tubs. The screens may also showcase intricately printed designs that depicts historical interpretations of Japanese culture, flora and fauna or even landscapes.

Have a look through the images below, where we offer you an amazing array of ideas that will hopefully help you to find inspiration for your Asian-inspired bathroom. If you are looking for more bathroom inspiration Check Below

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