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40 Absolutely brilliant Light-filled living Room Ideas

A bright and airy light-filled living room would be delightful for entertaining family and friends and connecting to the outdoors, drawing nature in. Having luminous interiors can help to boost your mood and reduces the need for using artificial lighting. It also helps to enhance the color and aesthetic of the design elements within your room. Light infused spaces in newer homes is very much on trend. Unfortunately there are a lot of older homes that are more dark, so you have to find creative ways to draw light in. If you are not lucky enough to have floor to ceiling walls of windows in your home, you can still bring light in with some clever tricks. Painting your walls white not only makes your room feel more spacious, it also helps to bounce light throughout your space. Placing mirrors in your room helps to reflect natural light, tricking your eyes into thinking a room is more spacious and bright. Additionally, you want to de-clutter your room as much as possible, the better the flow around your space, the more it feels open and light. One other thing you may want to consider if you have it in your budget is to install skylights or a Solatube tubular daylighting device; an alternative solution for when traditional skylights and windows just cannot work in your design and space constraints. Whatever your needs might be, we have put together a wonderful collection of inspiration for you to enjoy. So prepare to be inspired, whether you are looking for ideas for a new build, renovating your living room, or just enjoy looking at some incredible interior spaces, we have something for everyone. Enjoy!

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