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29 Amazing freestanding tubs for a bathroom spa sanctuary

Freestanding tubs will create a beautiful spa sanctuary in your master bathroom, adding spaciousness and style, while setting the mood for rest and relaxation. These sculptural designs are more than just aesthetically pleasing, they provide a space for downtime, where you can enjoy some self-indulgence in the midst of a hectic lifestyle. Freestanding tubs create a compact footprint, which means if you have a small bathroom, you can still enjoy the luxury of having a tub to soak away your stresses. When selecting a freestanding tub, you should take into consideration how the design of the tub will impact your space. If you have a more curvaceous tub, it can infuse softness into a bathroom that is more angular—such as the one pictured above. If you have an angular tub, it can help to offset softer hues or add to a more structured bathroom.

Freestanding tubs will help to add spaciousness to your bathroom, especially if it is small and cramped. They will help to add a touch of elegance and maybe even some extra drama with their sculptural aesthetic. Styles range from modern to vintage and will become the focal point of your bathroom. Lighting can also add to the impact, whether it be a skylight or a chandelier hanging above for a nice ambiance. A window next to your tub can help to bring fresh air and nature into your space. The image above has done this, with a pivoting glass wall that opens the slate and stone room to give the homeowner a luxurious outdoor bathing experience.

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