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28 Gorgeous living rooms with black walls that create cozy drama

If you are looking to create a statement in your living room, try adding something bold, such as black walls for a dramatic affect. This look is a hot trend and can really change up the look of your space. If your room gets enough light, it can really create a fantastic new look. Adding black to your room can create an ambiance or mood, it is timeless and can blend well with other colors. You can paint your whole room with black or just an accent wall to make your interior really stand out.

Your interior will not be gloomy if you add contrast or some bold pops of color in the furnishings or accessories. A moody space can be cozy and inviting. This looks can fit into any decor scheme, from modern to Scandinavian and everything in-between. The walls can be done with other elements besides paint, such as wood, paneling or wallpaper. Painting your living room with black walls can be a daring design decision and if you are considering it, we have a collection of images that will help to inspire you.

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