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21 Ways to Wear Cardigan Without Looking Like Your Grandma

Will you throw out your baggy cardigan out of your closet just because it looks like your grandma’s? Think again.
The baggy grey cardigan at some points is considered as a fashion faux pas. Many people tend to wear it only at a low temperature. But, there is something special about the cardigan. It can be so ugly when you do not know how to mix and match it, or it can make you effortlessly beauty.

If you choose the second option, let’s take a look our hacks on how to wear a piece of baggy cardigan without looking like your grandmother:

1. Add Some Accessories

A cardigan can be a nice start for your Bohemian style. Its basic character is ethnic and what you need to do is just to enhance its uniqueness through some additional accessories. Let’s say, a long necklace made out of iron, the iron bracelet, or wind-chime earrings.

These accessories will make you seem more stunning. Only a small accessory can change your look.

2. Fancy Pants

Want to look more modern and casual with the baggy cardigan? Opt for some fancy pants such as ripped jeans, short pants, etc.

The fancy pants can help you become more attractive and the baggy cardigan will look less boring. Do you still think that the baggy cardigan will never be casual? Just think again.

3. Nice Inner Outfits

We suggest you pick a baggy cardigan so that you can play around with the inner. How about a broken white inner with a geometric accent? Or that crop top with a unique design?

You don’t have to try too hard with a baggy cardigan, right? Do you think you will put it at the top of your favorites list?

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