In the first half of 2020 alone, we had three reinterpretations of classic games. They are: “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, “Resident Evil 3” and “Trials of Mana”. However, even if all these games have the same purpose, to present the work to a new generation, they do it in different ways. After all, what is the difference between remake, remaster and reboot?

Although it does not seem, the terms have confused many people’s minds. This is because, in recent years, it seems that only ‘remake’, ‘remaster’ and ‘reboot’ are talked about . However, each term has its own understanding and the meaning can be very confused. So now it’s time to clear up some doubts!

How to present an “old” game for a new generation?

Explaining in a simplified way, remasters are games that received visual and sound updates. Thus, in most cases, remasters apply high definition retexturization to the graphics . In addition, your soundtrack is remixed or even, its original composition is redone.

In some cases, remasters may correct translation errors or adapt differences in regionalization. Examples of remasters include “Final Fantasy X Remaster” and “Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age”. In the first example, developers took advantage of retexturization and improvements to the soundtrack to bring new game features to the West. In the other case, we have a complete work of image and sound. In addition to this, a new task system, which made the progress of the game more strategic.

In the case of a remaster , it is common to use the sub-category “rescripting”. That is, when the game maintains the same storyline. In this case, it is common for old games that did not have a dubbing to win the feature. Or, the addition of new commands or combat styles.

When we talk about remake , many may know the term through its use in cinema . Thus, it is as if the producer is “creating the title for the first time again”. In this way, everything is maintained, characters, stories, setting and genre. However, everything is rebuilt from scratch.

Games that were rebuilt from scratch

As an example of a remake, we can mention the game “Final Fantasy VII Remake” . So, by its very name, the game claims to be “remade”. However, it is worth mentioning that in many cases, the term “demake” is used. In other words, a game that had reduced graphics so that it was able to run on a platform with less hardware capacity. This term is more popular in the case of versions made by fans, such as “Super Smash Land” and “Final Fantasy VII” for “Nintendinho” (NES). However, there are also official versions like “Mighty Gunvolt”, released for Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.

Finally, a type of re-reading that is more “aggressive”, the reboot . That said, basically, a reboot means building a new game using its original concepts. As well as in the cinema, we have several versions of Spider-Man that have been rebooted over the years, we can also mention similar cases from the world of games.

In 2013, we had “DmC: Devil May Cry”, a retelling of the “Devil May Cry” franchise . In the game, Dante was still the protagonist, but he and the scenario were totally different. In short, it is a new game that only uses the same protagonist and its brand. In another example, we can mention “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow”, which even using the name of the franchise, presents us with characters and a totally new gameplay.

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